Judith Spio - founder


As a working parent, it can be challenging to find the time to cook. As a mother of four, I know how difficult it can be to achieve work-life balance.

For that reason, I developed my own quick and easy sauces with a variety of African flavours and spices. These sauces helped reduce cooking time immensely and I was still able to make many delicious meals for my family.

It made a big difference in my household; mealtimes suddenly became enjoyable, easy & stress-free.

I gave these sauces to family & friends as Christmas gifts and they absolutely loved them! Before I knew it, orders for jars of my sauces started pouring in. My family and friends encouraged me to start putting the sauces up for sale because they wanted more, and quickly too!

And that’s how the idea for Maame’s Kitchen was birthed, inspired by family, love and the passion for the culture and rich foods of Ghana, West Africa.

Maame’s Kitchen has become a household name for authentic West African sauces. The preparation of African dishes is seen to be difficult and time-consuming but Maame’s Kitchen aims to debunk this myth by simplifying the process while retaining the same authentic taste.

With our three available sauces:

MAAME’S KITCHEN sauces has made cooking easier, even for novices, to create delicious West African dishes!


Delicious African inspired sauces for easy cooking and satisfied families

More spice jars

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